Protect your tree against frost 

TreeSafe is thé professional protection system for your frost-sensitive tree or plant.

The tree covers are made of the best insulating material, specially developed for protecting trees and plants against frost.

Despite of the high insulation factor, the tree cover allows light and air to pass through so that the tree is not sealed off from the outside air.

The tree covers have a solid zipper so that they can be applied easily.

Watch our instruction video and application instruction how to apply the tree cover.

The required size of the tree cover depends on the size and height of your tree. Measure your tree and look at the sizes below. Make sure the roots are also protected by the cover.

To make sure you have the right size cover, please order a cover that is approx. 50 cm wider than the crown of the tree and approx. 50 cm longer than the height of the tree.


Heat hoses in case of severe frost

In case of severe frost (and depending on the frost sensitivity of your tree) you can combine the tree cover with the TreeSafe heat hose with thermostat.

The thermostat switches on automatically when it gets too cold under the cover.

Watch our instruction video and application instruction how to apply the heat hose.

The required size of the heat hose depends on the size of your tree.

View our duo packages to see which size of heat hose fits the size of the cover.


The TreeSafe duo package

The duo package is a TreeSafe tree cover combined with a TreeSafe heat hose.